Business Consulting

India is known in Europe as a challenging market to enter, but the returns and rewards are substantial. To avoid a lot of time waste and possible annoying experiences we at Knight Consulting can help you out with your start-up phase.
We have helped many European companies with their entry to India, be it through Joint-Ventures or through setting up a wholly owned subsidiary.
When you have a plan, we will have you incorporated in no time, we will run around for your initial permissions, certificates and registrations, so you can focus on what is important to you: your business.
In case you don’t have a definite plan yet, or you are not sure that there are opportunities for your product/services, we can help you with secondary research, analysing the market and possible competition for you and pointing out your opportunities.


What makes us special ?

*Extensive experience and Network in Gujarat
*Proven track record for in-depth Market Researches
*All ventures we helped since our start are still up and running
*Successfully adapting different European business models to the local situation