Corporate Training

Your company is set up, you hired what you believe are the right people for the job and now they need to make it work. And then it doesn’t, not really: the cultural differences are coming to the fore, you witness the first friction between the home and away team, and while you can’t really put your finger on it, you do realise that things here in India are done a little differently.
We are educators at heart and love to help you out. Our practical experience guided us in creating training sessions and coaching modules that will help your away team to better understand what you want from them and to deliver the value you so need. All our training sessions are a combination of Instructor lead training, experiential learning backed up with multimedia.

A. Cultural Intelligence

This, we believe is where it all starts, or should start. When two cultures meet both parties need to better understand their own culture, before they can begin to fathom the other. We have seen many JVs and new set-ups fail within the first three years because they couldn’t understand the cultural needs and decided to keep on doing ‘their’ thing.
Short modules allow both sides to better integrate the differences in their point of view leading to less miscommunication and a smoother interaction.

B. Sales Workshops

Some people are born sales people, but like a real tiger, these sales tigers are a rare find. Just like people who understand the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing is easy in India and plenty institutes provide (MBA) courses in marketing, but sales courses and training in sales processes are lacking.
Our sales trainings are filled with fun exercises and practical tips, going from lead generation, over cold calling, to sales meeting preparation and closing sales, all adapted to the Indian environment, so that your sales people can start exceeding their Sales targets and you are able to monitor their progress.

C. Time management

Time flows differently in India and you have probably heard about IST, Indian Stretchable Time. Frustrating if you come from a European world where the clock and calendar rule not only your professional but even your personal life. You come to India for a week, work and meet for twelve to fourteen hours (and still have a feeling not enough has been done) telling everybody how important your Deadlines are. And when you are back in Europe, it seems like nothing changed.
Sounds familiar? Our time management coaching goes beyond the basic use of a calendar and clock but aims at understanding the European situation and proactively communicate time issues and constraints, so you can plan the way you are used.

D. Language training

Business English

E. We have also held sessions on

*Team building & Motivation
*Leadership & Attrition
*Customer relations & Channel partners
*Presentation skills