Translation Services

Technical Translations

Globalisation has increased the need for the accurate translation of technical documents. Technical writing is often seen as dry and boring stuff. But … it’s dry, boring stuff that has to be accurate, consistent and precise 100% of the time, especially when translating it. Inaccurate translations may lead to communication difficulties, delay in production, revenue loss or even embarrassment and possible litigation.

A. Quality:

At Knight Consulting we specialise, not only in one language pair but also in our verticals, so that we can deliver high quality translations that will not irritate you or your clients with incorrect usage, or even worse, avoidable grammatical and spelling errors. Translations that must be proof read are passed on to an independent translator or subject specialist to avoid ‘error-blindness’ and helps finding the nasty errors that a spell checker or mechanical QA tool misses.

B. Consistency:

Contacted us to translate one document or a set of documents and realise a year later that you still have more files that need to be translated? Our terminology management and translation tools help us in keeping your translations consistent, however much time there is between the first and the next set. Before we start the translation our point person will contact you to discuss the possible jargon, specialist terms and style of your translation. Our translators will only use the resulting glossary and style sheet, and the possible proofreaders are asked to verify the correct use of the terminology.